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IT Outsourcing

Why Outsource your IT Support?

Serving The Niagara and Hamilton Region



We alleviate the need for a small business to staff full-time IT staff. Outsourcing will provide you with access to services that could cost you and your business thousands of dollars if you were to keep in house.

Free up your internal resources

It is likely that you have limited resources as a company and even have limits on types of things that you can successfully do in terms of IT. By outsourcing your IT support to a third-party provider, you will free up your company’s internal resources that can now help with the growth of your business.



Reduce your payroll expenses but have the peace of mind that your business is being looked after.   As a smaller business, you’re likely limited in terms of budget and possibly the resources necessary to have an effective, in-house IT team.

By outsourcing your company’s IT systems and services to Foster Controls you can easily work within your budget while continuing to run efficiently. 




  1. You Want to Free Up Your Staff and IT Budget

  2. Keep the daunting cost of full-time IT professionals off your books, and only pay for what you need. Keeping a full-time employee on staff costs considerably more, as you have to pay them a salary and other benefits.

  3. You’re Overpaying For Your Current IT

  4. Maybe your needs have changed, or maybe you didn’t realize how much or how little IT support you were going to need when you made your current investment.

  5. You’re Unclear as to What You Need

  6. You’re a Start-up business 

software upgrades

hardware upgrades

virus removal

network security

bandwidth monitoring

new device setup

new system setup

backup services

remote support

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